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Community Support

Stoney Creek Home & Garden has a long history of working with the community. Being a family owned and operated small business it means so much to us that our community is strong and healthy.

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Sales & Specials

Got a project that needs some professional attention? Let us know. Here at Stoney Creek Home & Garden, we’ll make sure you get the results you’re after - quality service at a fair and affordable price. We are ready and able to help. Call or come in today to find out more about the Gardening Guides services we provide.

Styled Garden

Plant Warranty

At Stoney Creek, we stand behind the green goods we sell to you. We offer a 1 year, 100% plant guarantee that any perennials, trees, or shrubs bought from Stoney Creek and planted properly in our zone (zone 3/4) will prosper.


If you are having trouble with your green goods, please check the following first:
1. Was the green good planted in the proper amount of shade or sun necessary?
2. Is the green good getting enough water, or too much water?
3. Are the deer or any small animals getting at the green good?
4. Was the hole dug to the proper depth and were the proper amendments added to the soil for a good start?

5. Was correct care given to the green good? I.E. Fertilizer, Covering, Pruning, etc.

If you have checked the above potential causes and your green good is still not growing properly, please dig it up and bring it to our Garden Center. One of our green good experts will be called to work with you. Once it's been decided that the plant is under warranty, we will then replace it with another of the same plant for no charge. If we do not have that green item in stock, you will be given a credit to use towards another item. 

Please make sure you have either a paper copy of your original receipt or you are a garden club member and the transaction was made on your account. We need to have proper proof of purchase.

There is no plant warranty on perennials, trees, or shrubs that were purchased on sale.

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