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Planting Guide

Here is our guide curated by the experts at Stoney Creek.  Just a few pointers for you so you receive the best results from your plants. We want you to come back as a satisfied gardener. By the way we have an awesome plant warranty program.

Kids Gardening


Prepare the planting area, removing perennial weeds and large stones. On dry ground or heavy clay, work in organic matter. On sandy soil (conducive to our area) add a leaf or mushroom compost to your soil to help the roots of your plants grab properly. When choosing a compost, we do recommend one with manure for extra fertilization. When planting with compost we recommend (1) of our 40# bags per every (4) 1 gallon plants you are planting, dispersed evenly.


Dig a hole a bit deeper and wider than the pot. After soaking the plant in water, remove the pot. Make sure to loosen the roots to give them a chance to take an easy grab. Depending on the time of year a fertilizer or root stimulator would be added here before filling the hole with soil. Add soil to the hole so that the top of the root ball is level with the soil surface. Backfill and firm soil lightly with your hands. For spring planting, avoid working in soggy or cold soil as this can do considerable damage to soil structure. We always recommend planting in the morning or early evening, instead of during the heat of the day. MULCH Apply a thick mulch to conserve moisture, suppress weeds and protect roots from penetrating frosts. Take precautions against slugs and snails, and watch for aphids on shoot tips. Water again after mulch has been applied. We do recommend mulching plants in late Fall for cold weather protection.



Here at Stoney Creek we like low maintenance and easy care perennial gardening. It may vary from climate to climate and season to season, but there are a few tips we recommend. Pick plants that are suitable for your garden. Sun, shade, dry or wet, these are all things to consider. Good soil, plenty of water & occasional pruning is all you need. We do recommend a proper fertilizer in the spring and a Root Stimulator in the fall when planting. Do not feed your plants too far into fall so they have a chance to harden off for winter. Soil, water, food and mulch are the four simple ingredients for a plush perennial garden.

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