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Everyone Can Use a Helping Hand

Looking to start growing your own garden or need a few tips to keep it healthy? Have a look at some of our best tips, tricks and resources from the experts at Stoney Creek Home & Garden. We’ll use our combined years of experience to help you get out of the woods and into the garden. Whether you’re a loyal shopper or new to our website, you’re more than welcome to take a look at our pro tips and tricks.

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Perennial Garden

So I just dig a hole and plop this plant in the ground?

Here is our guide curated by the experts at Stoney Creek.  Just a few pointers for you so you receive the best results from your plants. We want you to come back as a satisfied gardener. By the way we have an awesome plant warranty program.

Organic Apples

So Many Apples to choose from...

Here is a  little run down of the different varieties of Apple Trees we offer.  This is not a complete list so if you are looking for something in particular give us a shout and we will let you know if we have the variety you are looking for.

A family of deer eating rose bushes in s

Looking for a plant the deer won't eat?

Welcome to Northern Wisconsin were we have deer, deer, and more deer.  They are cute but man are they pesky especially once you start gardeing.  Here is our list of Deer Resistant (NOT PROOF) Plants that we stock.  Let us repeat they are Deer Resistant not Deer Proof.


What's the Best Fertilizer for Your Lawn?

Wondering why your neighbor has the greenest grass on the block?  It is probably because they get a head start for next spring in the fall.  Here are some recommendations for Fall Lawn Fertilizers.

Soil Bulk Bag Delivery

Make Your Bed

Our partners at Proven Winners  offer a great guide on how to prepare your soil for planting and how to refresh your beds that are already planted.


Native Plant List

A listing of all the native species we carry.

Perennial Garden

Be Aware... Lily Leaf Beetle is in Wisconsin!

The lily leaf beetle (LLB), Lilioceris lilii, is a bright red beetle in the Chrysomelid family native to Europe and Eurasia. It has been found in the eastern U.S. and has now been detected in Wisconsin as well.

Growing Plants

Ask A Gardener

Still have a question?  Drop us a line and we will be happy to answer or give you some advice.

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