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We are excited to announce we are continuing the Stoney Creek way in 2020 and beyond as Charlie & Erika step up as the new owners of Stoney Creek.  We would like to thank each of you for your past patronage and look forward to continuing to serve you in the future. 


-Charlie, Erika & Nora

Kent Petersen started Petersen Tree Service in 1978 which had grown to be become a respected and successful tree service serving Northern Wisconsin.  In 1992 Stoney Creek Landscaping was formed to provide landscape services to a very broad customer base in Northern Wisconsin.  The retail store, Stoney Creek Home and Garden was started in 1995 by the Petersen Family and a dedicated group of employees with a dream to create a unique retail shopping experience and provide products and service not offered in the area. 


It has grown over the years to become very successful and one of the top destination stores in Northern Wisconsin.  Offering some of the most unique decor items for inside and outside of your home.  


The management and staff at Stoney Creek Home and Garden do an incredible job of running and growing the businesses and have allowed Kent the opportunity to pursue and develop other businesses.  His oldest daughter Erika is now managing the Garden Center. With the biggest/littlest boss Nora (Kent & Lori's 1st Grandchild). 


In 2019 Kent passed away unexpectedly and that is when Erika & Charlie decide it was their time to step up and continue with the Stoney Creek tradition.


Just remember, when wandering around the Garden Center if you ever wonder, "who would ever buy that?" just know it was Kent who bought it first and Charlie & Erika continued to buy it and other odd and unique items to keep Kent's vision alive at Stoney Creek.  One of Kent's greatest pleasures was seeing funky and unique items going home with a very excited new owner. 

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